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Bloodhound SSC STEM events a huge success

April 08, 2015

An inspiring STEM Education Experience took place in Wiltshire during National Science & Engineering Week, March 16-20th 2015.

The week of events were run by the Wiltshire Skills 4 Success team in partnership with the Bloodhound Supersonic Car Education team and Wiltshire College. Over the course of the week in excess of 622 young people across 22 Primary and Secondary Schools and Wiltshire College engaged with exciting and innovative STEM workshops and tour of the Education car.

Twilight community events also supported 223 adults and a STEM Business evening reached a further  46 businesses and organisations. The events were also visited by Andrew Murrison MD – MP for South West Wiltshire, BBC Wiltshire and the Wiltshire Times. It was a hugely enjoyable and inspiring experience for all those that took part and has hopefully inspired some of Wiltshire’s future scientists and engineers. The inspiring Bloodhound SSC story and world record attempt helped to spread the word about the skills needed in Wiltshire and the myriad of STEM opportunities available.


Useful facts

Project BLOODHOUND is the latest British attempt to break the World Land Speed Record set in 1997 by Wing Commander Andy Green OBE in Thrust SSC.  The Thrust SSC Project was led by Richard Noble OBE who was the formers record holder with Thrust 2 in 1983. BLOODHOUND SSC (supersonic car), again led by Richard Noble and driven by Andy Green, has a design speed of 1050 mph and the Project intend to run the Car in South Africa during 2015 and 2016 breaking the World Land Speed Record and achieving the design speed in early 2015.

While achieving a speed of over 1000mph is impressive enough, the overall aim of the Project is to “Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers” through increased take-up and awareness of the values of STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).  In the UK, as with many of the developed and developing countries worldwide, there is a shortage of scientists, engineers and mathematicians and we therefore urgently need our young people to be motivated to enjoy and study STEM subjects at school and then at College or University. Project BLOODHOUND is endeavouring to be the catalyst through which young people will acquire the skills and develop innovative talents that will enable them to overcome the challenges we face on a global scale. 

Underpinning the BLOODHOUND is the Bloodhound Education Programme that aims to deliver interesting, relevant, challenging, educational activities, resources and schemes of work using Bloodhound as thematic approach to STEM Education throughout the whole education system from KS1 to KS4, into FE and HE and regardless of educational ability, gender, race or careers destination. Using an iconic Engineering Project such as BLOODHOUND SSC, we endeavour to provide a global Engineering Adventure that will enable young people to feel part of the Project and offer a greater insight to the opportunities available through STEM Education.

The 13 metre long Bloodhound Education Car is a life size interactive model of the test car and we’ve managed to bring it to Wiltshire for National Science and Engineering Week.

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