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Grants for Apprentices from Malmesbury Area Community Trust

February 17, 2016

Malmesbury Area Community Trust is a local charity which supports deserving causes within the Malmesbury Community Area.

There are two main vulnerable groups which the trust focuses on: 

1. Elderly and disadvantaged individuals who can apply for grants to support their urgent needs for care or vital household expenditure.

2. Children and normally young adults in education who need funding assistance by way of grants for their educational programmes where funds are not possible from their families or school/college support systems. This programme was originally funded by the Elizabeth Hodges Trust (Malmesbury) which now works closely alongside the trust.

The trustees now wish to set up and sponsor an apprenticeship support scheme and will offer grants for equipment, safety clothing and special tools etc. Also applications to support travel or additional training costs could be considered.

Single grants of up to £250 per applicant will be considered following completion of an application form by the applicant and employer. In the first place it is anticipated that the employer will pay the relevant expense with MACT reimbursing you.

Below is a map which shows the geographic area that the Malmesbury Area Community Trust covers.


If you are interested in the apprenticeship scheme or the work and aims of the charity please contact its clerk who is Phil Rice (01666 824007/07878 694981 or

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