Megan Mounty from Trowbridge who has been shortlisted for a national award for her work as an apprentice at Wiltshire Council.

Megan Mounty, 22, from Trowbridge, is currently taking an apprenticeship in the council’s highways department after joining in 2014. As personal assistant to the associate director for highways and transport she helps manage high level meetings on major projects and is the main point of contact for all key projects within the department.

Just nine months into her apprenticeship she was made a permanent member of staff and she now combines her studies with gaining a wealth of experience on the job. She is currently embarking on her level 3 business and administration apprenticeship.

On her own initiative she has also set up an apprentice support group to help the other 30 apprentices at the council. She is currently looking to expand the network to other organisations so more apprentices can be given the support they need.

Megan’s innovation has now been recognised after she successfully reached the regional finals of the National Apprenticeship Awards, and will find out in November if she is through to the final stage.

Megan said: “I can’t quite believe this is real. I’m so pleased. It’s a great opportunity for both myself and Wiltshire Council as an organisation as it shows we give young people a chance and progression routes.

“I enjoy my work and because I assist in project managing. This allows me to be involved in all the changes, because of all the information and knowledge and learning opportunities. I can be a part of all these things and give my opinion.”

Wiltshire Council currently employs 31 apprentices in a range of areas including customer service, business administration, health & social care, management, residential childcare and team leading.

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