The potential for change when Britain leaves the EU is vast and whilst the changes ahead are uncertain we do know we need to prepare for the fall in Skills. The Chartered Institute Personnel Development (CIPD) note in their article on 7th July there will be a ‘skills crisis’.

Justine Greening (Education Sectary) calls upon all employers to offer apprenticeships and work experience as standard practice to help upskill and prepare our future talent. She noted ‘it’s necessary the government and businesses work together now to prepare for the future. We need to work on creating skills rather than importing them – something which is going to become a lot more difficult.’

Greening touched upon the change to the education system through the introduction of T-Levels in September 2019 (to be fully implemented by 2022) this requires courses to have a 3 month work placement built into learning, allowing our next generation of workers to be become more ‘work ready’.

With programmes such as the Careers and Enterprise Company – Enterprise Advisor Network, work is already being carried out.  Employers are acting as mentors and giving talks on what being work ready looks like, enabling students to become increasingly aware of what is required of them.

The questions and solution lies with employers – how much can they give? And are they ready to provide such opportunities for our young people?

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