Degree apprenticeships give people the opportunity to attain a degree whilst training in a top flight career. They are already available in sectors such as Automotive, Banking, Digital Industries, Chartered Surveying, Aerospace and the Nuclear industry and more standards are being approved and developed.

Last week, after 3 years of work and study, eleven Capgemini degree apprentices graduated with BSc’s in Digital Technology Solutions. These apprentices are among the first across the country to graduate since degree apprenticeships were launched. These apprentices will hopefully be the first of many more, and with the introduction of the levy, employers have an ideal opportunity to consider degree apprenticeship as a cost effective way of upskilling their workforce.

For young people considering the alternative to traditional higher education routes, UCAS are now advertising higher and degree level apprenticeships at local levels, whilst also showing the national vacancies at some of the largest employers in the country.

Employers are being encouraged to work with universities and colleges not only by offering apprenticeships but also by trailblazing new standards in areas where they have identified a sector skills need.

A recent report published by Universities UK and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), surveyed UK universities’ views and uptake of degree apprenticeships including benefits, challenges and recommendations. 77% of the universities surveyed will be delivering one or more of the current standards in 2017-2018. The report also showed that over 80% of the employers engaged with universities in delivering degree apprenticeships are SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises).

The momentum is expected to build as new standards are approved for delivery and universities’ offer expands, leading to more opportunities for young people to progress to higher education, opportunities for older staff for upskilling and career progression and opportunities for employers to recruit and develop talent.

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