Earlier last month the Supreme Court made a shock ruling which will see a £32 million refund for previous claimants of Employment Tribunal fees. The court stated that employment tribunal fees were unlawful and that everyone should have access to the courts. Under the old system claimants were required to pay out almost £400 to get a hearing if they felt they had been wronged by their employer.

HR Zone reported 86,130 cases were brought to tribunal in 2015/16 with £11.6 million paid in fees during 2016/17. The Governments response to the ruling is that they will be stopping the charges ‘very soon’. There had been a 79% decrease of cases being brought forward when the fees were introduced. So it will be interesting to see what the picture will look like going forward. It’s more than likely this will be a testing time moving forward and employers will be keen to foster relationships with their employees especially during times of trouble or when employees are leaving the company under strained circumstances. It is certain this decision will change the employment law and HR landscape once again. For now there is a lot of work and unpicking to be done.

Further updates on this developing story will be published on our news page more information on employment tribunals can be found on the Gov Website.

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