Dyson are searching for companies with fewer than 50 employees to join their trailblazer. The aim is to create a general engineering degree apprenticeship standard, many employers feel the current frameworks/standards does not meet their needs, as they are too focused on niche job roles.

The new standard will offer flexibility and transferability; it will be particularly useful to businesses with a range of roles available and a business that has changing needs. Many of those already involved see this standard as an effective route to training future managers and senior leaders. It is envisaged that the training will last for 48 months.

If you are interested in joining Dyson to create this standard and have ideas you wish to share please contact Robyn Skelton at Robyn.Skelton@dyson.com to book a place at a scoping meeting which is being held on the 31st October at Lower Ledge Farm, Chippenham, between 11am – 3pm.

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