The Future of Learning and Skills report 2017 has been released raising within it the reports that a range of sectors are having difficulty attracting suitable staff in industries such as; engineering, hospitality, accounting and customer services. Therefore highlighting the importance of having training and development strategies in place. Hays reported that 39% of employees would be willing to sacrifice a job offer if there was no prospect of further training.

The report raises that businesses must facilitate resources, tools and time to become better placed to face the challenges ahead. With more resources in place businesses would find engaged staff and a business that can remain innovate. This can be done via informal training such as job rotations, secondments or shadowing or more informally including using levy payments where applicable to up skill their current staff.

The article also discusses; why businesses should be getting involved with Schools, the Apprenticeship Levy and what Apprenticeships mean and the new age of Digital Learning.

The full report can be found here.

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