MG Cannon  Accident Repair Centre have recently shared their experience of hiring apprentices within their business with us and explain they are looking to expand in the near future. If you are interested in an apprenticeship in this industry get in contact with the team – Juliet Harris –

They specialise in three areas;

  • Panel Technician
  • Paint Technician
  • MET Technician

They understand the importance of providing work experience in each of the areas before the employee commits to an apprenticeship course, Tom Topham is currently taking this route.

“Tom has recently joined the Salisbury team, he is passionate and interested in anything to do with vehicles and engines and sees this apprenticeship as the perfect opportunity to help him achieve his dream career. He is keen to learn, is adaptable and has the courage to undertake anything that is asked of him. Working for a manufacturer approved bodyshop Tom has the opportunity to receive regular training of the highest manufacturer standards.

As part of his initial training, Tom will spend 4 weeks working within the 3 different trade disciplines; Panel, Paint & MET allowing him to learn practical skills in a real working environment, while shadowing qualified technicians so he can learn first-hand how to perform the role, with the opportunity to assist in the repair work.

Tom says “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time so far although at first I found it daunting, I am learning so much every day and being trained by some of the best in the business.”

For further information and to read other success stories visit MG Canons website.

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