HR Zone teamed up with Benenden to report on mental health in the workplace, the report asks are employers only ‘ticking boxes’ when it comes to the mental health of their employees? The report worked with 1,000 employees, 10 of these were 1-1 calls. Figures show 1 in 4 adults experience a mental illness at some point in their lives therefore it’s important employers are aware of this and learn how they can best support their employees as new ways of working mean we are connected 24/7 working outside of the usual 9-5.

Only 23.8% of employees felt their company regularly engaged with them on mental health issues and 45.6% would look for other employment if their employer didn’t provide support in relation to mental health.  The report stated the top three mental health conditions are;

  • stress 42.4%
  • anxiety 35.2%
  • depression 35.2%

With this in mind it’s crucial that employers create an open and supportive culture for their employees, to enable them to share and support each other. For the full report you can download it at HR zone. 

For more information on supporting your employees ACAS can help.

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