The Calne Area Board Training and Skills Working Group is promoting a service that is designed to support young people with disabilities into employment and could enable you to gain an effective new member of your workforce.

An intern can be great for your reputation in your local community and could become an effective new member of your team.

Please come to the Area Board to find out more and take your first steps into a rewarding new area. Experience shows that interns add value to existing workforces as they become more inclusive and caring; businesses that show they care win customers and their loyalty.

The Area Board will take place on Tuesday 23rd January, from 6:30pm at the Calne Community Hub and Library SN11 0JU.

If you cannot attend this event but would like to know more information, please contact:

Marnie Kemp – Community Connecting Team Leader –

Jane Vaughan – Calne Community Engagement Manager –

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