The Year of Engineering launches this week! Marking 2018 the year of engineering, the campaign aims to celebrates the world and wonder of engineering. To kick off the launch week we are sharing our first of many engineering case studies. Wiltshire Council proudly shares that 26% out of the 100 engineers we employ our female. Our first case study comes from Stacey Coxhead, 29, who is an Analyst Programmer working within Wiltshire Council’s IT department.

Stacey didn’t take a ‘traditional route’ into the sector but is glad she is in the position she is now.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after college so I decided to start with an apprenticeship in business administration in Learning and Development. Through internal promotions and a growing interest in the area I found this role which involves Business Intelligence Data; I write reports, pull data for various departments across the Council and use historic data to help build better services for the future.

We asked Stacey if there are any myths she wanted to dispel about the engineering sector and any advice she would give to those looking to get into the industry.

“Whilst the IT sector is mostly dominated by men, here at Wiltshire Council there are a lot of women coming into the sector. I’ve been lucky enough to witness and be a part of the progression routes for women, I’ve always had great managers. I am able to always be learning, the opportunities for CPD have been fantastic including; Microsoft and SQL coding training courses. My advice to those coming into the sector is to never doubt yourself and keep learning, online forums for example are a great way to further your knowledge.”

To finish we asked Stacey who were her role models and what were her plans for the future?

“My husband was a great influence and support to me, as he already works in this sector he has been able to understand my frustrations and help me to conquer them. Working with my colleagues Eleanor and Steph has provided me invaluable mentoring. In the future I look to get more involved in web coding, it’s exciting that there is so much opportunity out there and that’s just within IT engineering”.

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