We continue our launch of the 2018 Year of Engineering with another case study to explore the role variation offered in the sector.

Jonathan Brooks, 28, is a business improvement and quality engineer at McBraida Aerospace Engineers.

We started by asking Jonathan how he got into the industry and about his career history.

“I started in engineering when I was 18 on a mechanical engineering apprenticeship working in the Areospace industry – which I enjoy and I am still there now. I knew leaving School I would enjoy a hands-on role rather than studying full time. Mechanical engineering allowed for that and I worked on the lathes making parts for jet engines, these include both commercial planes, so those you use to go on holiday and for military planes. I have now moved into a quality engineer role which involves moving quality to the point of production, checking parts throughout the process to ensure no non-confirming parts make it to the end. This role is a great fit for me at this stage of my career as I understand the processes and frustrations of working on the factory floor and I can reflect that back in how I deliver my role and work with staff on the machines.”

We asked Jonathan about his role models and his advice to those looking to engineering as a career option.

“My Dad and Grandfather were both engineers before me so I was raised around engineering and was always watching my Dad tinkering in the garage! My advice would be if you’re interested in learning on the job, are logical and enjoy problem solving definitely consider the types of engineering out there as there could be something to suit you. In terms of Areospace I would advise you to get as much experience as you can for example learning; grinding, milling and turning so you can become a better engineer. I have also undertaken qualifications in Design engineering which I hope to use in the future, I think that’s the great thing about the industry there is so much choice!”

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