Liz Ludlow is an apprentice at Melksham based People Against Poverty; a charity whose intention is to alleviate poverty and suffering around the world by building projects which are designed to empower greater self-sufficiency, new hope and a more sustainable future.

Liz joined the company almost a year ago and is due to complete her business administration apprenticeship in June. When Liz left school, she went to college to study Leisure and Tourism. An opportunity to work overseas subsequently caused her to reconsider progressing onto the next level; and what an opportunity it was. Liz spent several years in Argentina working on community development projects that saw improvements to roads, water supplies, community centres and teaching facilities.

Despite having lots of life and work experience Liz did not have many qualifications and believed that was what employers were looking for. Throughout school, college and university were always promoted ahead of the apprenticeship route, however now back in the UK, Liz felt that an apprenticeship was the right route for her. Liz’s experiences in Argentina of charity work gave her a real insight into the business and helped her secure the job. Liz was very fortunate that this was the first apprenticeship she applied for and never expected to find such an interesting role in Melksham.

A typical day for Liz involves various administration tasks: sending information to partners; contacting sponsors about donations made and those all-important thankyou letters; maintaining client databases and making phone calls. Liz’s experiences in Argentina have helped her to understand the work that goes into delivering projects on the ground and her insights are invaluable when approaching new and existing sponsors.

Through her apprenticeship Liz has enjoyed getting back into writing and learning as her previous experiences have been more hands on. Her apprenticeship combines a series of online assessments, working in the office and regular visits from her assessor.

None of Liz’s friends are apprentices however this would not deter her from recommending the option to others both young and old. When she describes her job to people, Liz acknowledges that it is an apprenticeship and has been met with positive comments.

Liz has seen her confidence increase and has been able to apply her skills to a role that is highly rewarding. Liz found that her learning style was not catered for in a traditional learning environment whereas now she is considering additional online and distance learning in the future.

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