Recruitment is now open for full and part time Contact Centre Operators at Police HQ, Devizes in our 24/7 Crime & Communications Centre (CCC).

All new staff in the CCC begin by fielding calls in our Central Call Handling (CCH) team. This involves prioritising and sorting 101 calls and passing them onto our Crime Recording and Incident Bureau (CrIB) for further investigation, or transferring callers through to individual departments.

Once you’ve spent some time with CCH and we’ve had time to get to know you, we’ll decide whether you’re better suited for the CrIB or our Incident Control teams.

CrIB and Incident Control teams typically work ten hour shifts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On a shift pattern including days, evenings and all-nighters, you’ll work in a team that’s aligned with officers on the ground and get to know people you’ll make friends with for life.

Everyone who works for us needs to be a ‘people person’ and enjoy talking, listening and empathising with people. If you’re more analytically minded and love attention to detail, you’re likely to find you’ll be posted within the CrIB.  If you can think quickly on your feet and thrive in a high pressure environment, you’re more likely to be assigned to Incident Control.

Recruitment now closed.

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