Matt Cruse, 28, is an Employment and Skills Officer at Wiltshire Council. He is currently studying a Level 3 Aspiring Leadership and Management apprenticeship. Matt is one of thirteen who were enrolled in the course; others will continue to join the course throughout the year as part of Wiltshire Council’s new apprenticeship scheme funded by the apprenticeship levy.

We will be following Matt’s journey throughout the course to find out how an apprenticeship is helping him to progress his current skills and develop new ones.

We started by asking Matt about his educational and job history?

I left school and decided to study Psychology with Criminology and Criminal Justice at Plymouth University. Once completed I chose to study for my PGCE, I then worked in a Primary School for two years. I was looking for a change of career when I saw the Technician post within Employment and Skills. I joined in August 2014 and became an Employment and Skills Officer in December 2016. My role involves collecting data for the team and boards such as The Education, Employment and Skills board, Councillors and management. I also manage the website Work Wiltshire and am involved in developing our Be Involved scheme. Most recently I have developed a local labour market Intelligence (LMI) information pack which will be used in Schools across Wiltshire.

What made you apply for the apprenticeship scheme at Wiltshire Council? And what do you feel you have learnt since starting the course four months ago?

I saw the opportunity as a great way to improve my continual professional development (CPD), I aspire to become a manager in the future and knew this would be a great way to start learning. Working in Wiltshire Council provides flexibility and a positive atmosphere so it seemed like a great thing to do. The apprenticeship scheme opened at just the right time for me. I am now four months in but am already discovering old skills from University life! Although I haven’t been out of education for long I am remembering the best ways to write an essay and working on presentations as part of my assignments.

Lastly, we asked Matt what advice he would give to those considering an apprenticeship?

As the apprenticeship levy is now in full force I would say to take advantage of that, just because you are in a ‘role’ doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity to up skill: there are always ways to learn, develop and progress. A benefit of this apprenticeship is that I am doing my 20% off the job training in the office, so with a supportive manager and team I can fit the study around my work load.

April 2018

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