To give employers more flexibility and help larger employers to support apprenticeships in smaller employers, the National Apprenticeship services (NAS) are allowing larger employers to transfer up to 10% of their apprenticeship funding to other employers.

This will lead to employers taking on more apprenticeships and will support them to work with other employers in partnership, for example in a sector or region or supply chain.

For the first phase, employers who have unused funds in their apprenticeship account will be able to transfer some of those funds to one other employer. The number of employers they can make a transfer to will increase over time and after user feedback from the first phase.

Key information

  • Levy-paying employers who use the apprenticeship service will be able to see their transfer balance at the end of April (the 10%).
  • They will then be able to make a transfer to one other organisation from May.
  • The receiving organisation will be able to start adding apprentice commitments from May.
  • For these new commitments, training providers can then be paid from June.

To help employers get ready for transfers they can view a 3-minute video, visit GOV.UK or read NAS blog post on transfers.

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