On Wednesday 11th July The Secretary of State for Education, The Right Hon Damian Hinds MP, announced the names of 20 new Careers Hubs across England. Swindon and Wiltshire are pleased to be a part of the list!

Each Careers Hubs will consist of up to 40 local schools and colleges working together with universities, training providers, employers and career professionals to improve careers education for young people in the region.

As part of the Careers Strategy, published in December 2017, the government tasked The Careers & Enterprise Company to establish the Careers Hubs across the country, allocating £5 million over a two-year period to support them.

From September, 710 schools and colleges will work within a Hub and there will be at least one Hub in every region of England outside of London. This means that one in five secondary schools and colleges in England will be part of a Careers Hub.

The Hubs are based on a successful model, piloted in the North East. The North East Local Enterprise Partnership piloted the Careers Hub model during 2015-17. During the pilot, the majority of schools in the area managed to meet most of the ‘Gatsby Benchmark’ standards for excellent careers guidance.

In order to benefit fully from that expertise when supporting the new Hubs, we have also agreed to continue to fund the North East Hub.

All Careers Hubs will have access to support and funding that will include a ‘Hub Lead’ to coordinate activity and build networks.

Read the full article here and to see the full list of Careers Hub click here.

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