As a Prison Officer you’ll provide an incredibly important public service, helping rehabilitate offenders so they lead crime-free lives upon release – meaning fewer victims and safer streets. Throughout your career, you’ll receive support and opportunities for training. You could choose to specialise in working with vulnerable prisoners, train to become a dog handler or qualify as a physical education instructor.

Richard, a prison officer said:

The prison service has always appealed to me and I think a big part of that is the team camaraderie. It is hard work, but every single day is different which means I go home feeling a sense of fulfilment. Building relationships and engaging with prisoners is really rewarding as it is so important that we help to rehabilitate people – that is such an important aspect of the prison service.

If you are passionate about rehabilitation and transformation, a great communicator and you are driven to succeed, find out more about a career with meaning, visit here.

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