We met with Noel back in October 2019, at the time he was about halfway through a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship offered by his employer Wiltshire Council, and thought it only right that we catch up with him to see how things are now he has completed.

What has changed within your role, if anything?

When I started the apprenticeship, I was a Resource Specialist and have been successful in getting new roles since. After being a Resource Specialist I became a Business Support Co-Ordinator to four Heads of Service and am now a PA to two Directors.

What is the biggest change you have noticed in yourself since undertaking the apprenticeship?

I have become more confident, I leave my comfort zone and learn new skills. My Excel and PowerPoint skills have developed much more than I ever expected. I have been able to use these new skills to assist the Directors with different reporting features and information dissemination.

What is the biggest change others have noticed in you since completing the apprenticeship?

Thinking more like a manager so that I can look at issues from various angles and try and find resolutions that are both effective for Wiltshire Council and everyone that uses its services.

Any advice to others who are offered the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship through their employer?

I found the apprenticeship enjoyable, valuable and very rewarding and would recommend completing an apprenticeship to improve yourself and what you can provide to your organisation.

Prior to starting his apprenticeship, Noel had no understanding of what the program involved. A previous manager saw his potential and encouraged him to apply for the apprenticeship, which was launched by Wiltshire Council in October 2017.


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