An Apprenticeship is a real job with training so you can earn while you learn and pick up some recognised qualifications as you go

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Local apprentices in Wiltshire testify how they are taking advantage of the opportunities and business owners how young enthusiastic staff benefit them.

Emily Rigg, 22, is on a Level 3 IT Apprenticeship in an IT support role at Systemagic in Bradford-On-Avon who provide IT support for many small businesses in Wiltshire and Somerset.

“I find it (apprenticeship) flexible for example my assessor comes in every few months to check up on me, but there is no fixed time I need to sit my exams, I can do them along the way or at the end. I can work at my own pace on this IT apprenticeship. As I am less than a year into the job I have been focusing on settling into the role and getting to know the company before starting my coursework, I started work on that at the end of last year.

I also think apprenticeships are great for building your skills on your CV and gaining work experience, working in an adult environment, especially when I was 17, made me grow up quickly.”

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Jack Alexander, 22, is a Process Technician at Avon Protection based in Melksham on a Level 3 Generalist Engineering Apprenticeship.

In the four years I have been here I feel I have built bridges and learnt a lot working alongside others who are further into their career and have degrees and I am only 22. My role has allowed me to travel too, the most exciting trip was going to America. I have been keen to get involved with many of the extra activities that Avon gets involved in to further challenge myself personally and my engineering knowledge, going build bridges with other companies, this included the Seaworks cardboard boat regatta, Tough Mudder and most recently the Red Bull soapbox race London. Our fantastic team came in first place, securing the title with a brilliantly engineered soapbox that held up very well round the course, I was lucky enough to have been the driver in this event so see us across the finish line to accept a well-earned pole place.

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Tom Taylor, 27, is undertaking a Level 7 Accountancy apprenticeship at Purple Lime.

Definitely give more thought to the apprenticeship route, it is more efficient and the cheaper option. For example, the whole cost of the apprenticeship course to me is the same as one private exam. With a good training provider like mine you can also learn soft skills as well, which are great for your CV.

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