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The Biggest Careers Webinar is back again!

Shell’s Make the Future Live Big Assembly is an opportunity to bring learning to life for year 7-9 students via an interactive broadcast. Featuring a guest panel, the live stream will enable students to understand the STEM careers that are changing our world, from the mouths of real-life STEM role models who they can send questions to live via social media.

The Big Assembly will take place on Tuesday 2 July 2019 and thousands of students are expected to join in. The Make the Future Live Big Assembly will also be available on demand after the live broadcast has finished.

This will be the fifth in a successful series of live, interactive digital broadcasts brought to you by The Big Assembly. With audiences of up to 40,000 students from across the UK simultaneously participating in conversations about their futures. While you’re waiting for the next event, the Big Assembly 2019 and Tomorrow’s Engineers Week Big Assembly are available on demand.

For more information visit Big Assembly website.

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