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What is this course about?   

This Manage Your Maths (MYM) course will help you to develop the maths skills you need to achieve tasks at home, while at work, for volunteering roles; helping your child with their learning or going on to further education. These courses are ideal preparation if you are thinking of studying Functional Skills Maths or GCSE Maths.  

This course will cover Fractions Addition and Subtraction. You will discover methods to improve and use your Fractions Addition and Subtraction skills in practical ways. 


Course format:   

This is an online course where you will learn as part of a group and take part in practical activities, all in a relaxed and friendly environment.  


Who will benefit from attending?  

Anyone who has less than a level 1 in maths and would like to improve their knowledge of basic mathematical concepts and develop and practise their skills. 


What will I learn?  

  • Discuss and evaluate the purpose of fractions. 
  • Understand the properties of proper, improper and mixed fractions 
  • Look at methods for adding and subtracting the three types of fraction 
  • Examine how to use the times table to find common denominators. 


​How long is the course?  

This is run as a single 2-hour session, with some activities to do at home to help you practise your skills.   

This course covers one part of the Manage Your Maths suite of courses.  


Will I be assessed?   

Before starting the course, you will be asked to complete an initial survey on the ItsLearning Virtual Learning Platform. The survey looks at your starting point at the beginning of the course and questions your knowledge and feelings about topics which will be covered during the course. It is important to work independently and be honest and open with these questions to ensure that your tutor can effectively support your learning. During the course, your tutor will assess your progress in group and individual activities to ensure that you achieve the course criteria and are working towards your personal goals.  


Entry Requirements:  

FaCL online courses are funded by the education and skills funding agency. Courses are no cost to learners if they are 19+ and have been a resident in UK/EU for 3+years.  

and if you can tick any of these criteria:  

  • have less than 5 GCSEs grades a-c  
  • in receipt of benefits   
  • are a service family  
  • are a family with SEN children  
  • are unemployed  

If you are unsure if you are eligible, we are always happy to talk things through carefully.  


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