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What’s this course about? 

Maths made easy with this second of two 5-week courses that will help learners to brush up their maths skills and give them the skills they  need for further study, work or volunteering. These courses are also ideal preparation if learners are thinking of studying Functional Skills maths or GCSE maths. This 5-session course is held online. Dates of courses: Fri 17 Nov, Tue 21 Nov, Fri 24 Nov, Tue 28 Nov, Fri 1 Dec.


  • To create an understanding of units of measure for length, mass and volume 
  • To help learners develop the skills they need to become more resilient learners 
  • To support learners to examine their own maths skills and to identify areas of strength and difficulty 
  • Explore barriers to mathematics Identify what ratio is 
  • Be able to calculate ratio using one value 
  • Be able to simplify a ratio 
  • Multiply a ratio to increase proportions 
  • Know how to recognise a formula 
  • Swap known quantities in a formula 
  • Calculate an answer using formula 
  • Understand what discrete and continuous data is  
  • Recognise which graph to use for different data 
  • Name and use different types of average.  
  • Calculate averages of sets of data 

By the end of this course, learners will be able to (at the appropriate level):  

measure area and perimeter in order to calculate volumes  

convert between units. 

use ratio in order to compare quantities. 

use formula to solve worded problems 

interpret and compare data. 

Entry Requirements: 

FACL online courses are funded by the education and skills funding agency. Courses are no cost to learners if they are 19+ and have been a resident in UK/EU for 3+years.  

Click here to enrol: https://workwiltshire.co.uk/enrolment/

Or to contact us call 01225 770478 or email familyandcommunitylearning@wiltshire.gov.uk

and if you can tick any of these criteria:  

  • have less than 5 GCSEs grades a-c  
  • in receipt of benefits   
  • are a service family  
  • are a family with SEN children  
  • are unemployed  

If you are unsure if you are eligible, we are always happy to talk things through carefully. 

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