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We are a collection of entrepreneurs and professionals that share a passion for helping others, and in supporting young people to obtain the skills and development needed to start a business.

This event is focused on helping anybody that is in the early stages of starting a business, and is looking to take their idea to the next stage and turn it in to a reality.

The day will be structured around understanding and channelling your motivation, setting goals and removing barriers to success, as well as being inspired around the art of the possible. You will also walk away having created a network of like minded young people that will help you on your journey.

Lunch is included in the price!


• Be inspired by the stories from other young entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses

• Define your ‘why’ and create a compelling story for your business

• Create an elevator pitch for you to start telling the world about your new business idea

• Raise awareness around your limiting beliefs and turn these in to positive mindsets

• Generate a positive and healthy mindset about your relationship with money

• Create actions that will help turn your ideas in to reality, and remove the barriers to these actions being realised

• Start building a powerful network of like minded people that will help you achieve your goals

You will also leave the event with these useful bonuses:

– Coaching audio specifically written for young entrepreneurs

– A toolkit that will help you embed and develop the ideas from the event

– An opportunity to be chosen for 3 months FREE coaching support from our team

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