Tisbury Employment and Careers Event

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We are organising an Employment and Careers event in Tisbury on 18th March, there will be a strong focus on employers and residents in postcode SP3, particularly those falling within our statutory duties, however to reach the wider South West Community Area we will be engaging with surrounding businesses and schools.

We are working closely with Karen Linaker, Community Engagement Manager for South West & Southern Wiltshire, to gain support for the event. To ensure its success we are contacting employers, business groups, local councils and councillors alongside secondary schools and community groups. We have contacted employers in SP3 who have advertised for an apprentice in the last 2 years and approached Dorset Economic Development team given the popularity of employment and education in neighbouring Gillingham and Shaftesbury.

The 2015 TisPlan questionnaire showed that 9% of respondents were interested in training, education, skills and apprenticeship opportunities. The same report also showed that 61% of respondents travelled between 6 and 20 miles to work and a high proportion of young people commute out of area to access education and employment. There have been efforts to increase the number of employment bases locally with the conversion of several agricultural buildings and mixed use development being granted – again we will engage with users of these sites to gain insights and aid participation.

The event has number of key aims:

  • Promote the facilities on offer at the Nadder Centre
  • Inform young people and parents of the various career pathways
  • Provide a marketplace where employers can showcase their business and the opportunities they have; work experience, apprenticeships and employment

We are reaching out to business networks and schools across the area so that a diverse range of employers and opportunities in the area are represented.

We would very much welcome your support and attendance at this event

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