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Spreadsheet Course – Continuous Enrolments

Through Multiply, Skills Ladder are offering free online courses to help you improve your skills using Excel spreadsheets. Please click on the links below where you can find more information about each course. Enrolments are continuous. Spreadsheet Course Multiply is here to support adults (aged 19+) improve their skills and confidence in numeracy. Courses are […]

Wiltshire College and University Centre – Basic Maths (Multiply)

The Basic Maths: Multiply programme will give you the confidence and upskill in various maths topics. You’ll gain knowledge by building basic numeracy maths skills that you use in everyday life situations such as banking, shopping, money, utility bills. DIY projects, cooking, gardening, driving, holidays, self-employment/business, childcare costs, maths games or travel. With the topics […]

Helping My Child Prepare Positively for Change


What’s this course about?    This course will help you to understand the reasons why children may find change difficult, and ways that children’s ability to cope with change positively can be supported at home.    Course format:    This is a course where you’ll learn together with others in a small group and take part in practical group activities, […]

Manage Worries Positively – face to face

What’s this course about?    Explore the meaning of anxiety and worry and how they affect the body, behaviour, emotions and thoughts. Discover ways that worries can be managed. Assess and manage thoughts and beliefs, through the ABC model of stress management, to understand how this can positively impact on emotional wellbeing. Understand when and who to ask for help.   Course format:    […]