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Sixth Forms

The term ‘Sixth Form’ describes the school years numbered 12 and 13. Wiltshire has 21 schools with sixth forms which are able to provide education for 16-18 year olds in years 12 and 13. The provision offered will depend on the Sixth Form.

University Technical Colleges (UTCs)

UTCs are technical academies for 14- to 19-year-olds. They have university and employer sponsors and combine practical and academic studies. UTCs specialise in subjects that need modern, technical, industry-standard equipment – such as engineering and construction and science – which are taught alongside business skills and the use of ICT.

Swindon and Wiltshire Institute of Technology

The IoT is a high quality employer-led training facility delivering high level technical and digital skills training for young people and to those already in employment. The IoT will specialise in delivering higher technical education providing students with a clear route to technical employment, and employers with a skilled workforce.

Free schools

Free schools are all-ability state-funded schools set up in response to what local people say they want and need in order to improve education for children in their community.

Colleges of FE

Wiltshire has 1 college of further and higher education offering a huge range of courses covering all levels of qualification and is located on 4 campuses across the county:

Swindon has 1 college of FE:

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