This page provides suggestions for any employer who is planning to visit a school to deliver a presentation to pupils or help with mock interviews etc.

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Suggestions for topics

Obviously we would leave this up to you to plan depending on your particular expertise and experience, but here are just a few suggestions:
Aim to give or mention the following:

  • An insight into a career, trade, business, organisation or the world of work in general
  • Description of a job – what days I go to work, where I work, what people I meet, what is the purpose of my job, why I go to work, what things I do at work, what things are important to do/remember at work, what I wear to go to work, what equipment I use at work, what I like about my job?
  • Important work skills e.g. working hard at something, listening to people, being kind, being organised, trying your best, helping others, working with other people/in a team, working on your own, asking others for help (we don’t always know everything, especially when new to a job)
  • The importance of trying hard and practising. We may not all be naturally ‘good at school’, but we all have different strengths and abilities (e.g. may be good at working in a team)
  • The importance of turning up every day/working at a certain time – even if not in the mood
  • Examples of other jobs in your field (e.g. in other STEM sectors)
  • Examples of hobbies/other relevant interests you may have


  • Make contact with the school (headteacher) by telephone to introduce yourself a few weeks before your visit. You can also use this opportunity to talk through your visit with the school/staff to ensure they are happy with what you plan to cover and the timing

  • Let the school know if you require a particular set up (e.g. hall, classroom) or whether you need any props, equipment or resources prepared in advance

  • Consider the age of your audience age in terms of how you present yourself, what language you use to talk/explain and what topics you cover

  • Introduce yourself and explain why/what you have been asked to speak about

  • Keep things simple, informal, positive and accessible

  • Speak clearly and slowly

  • Keep eye contact, smile and be engaging

  • Use visual prompts, resources or equipment to help engage the pupils

  • Talk honestly

  • Use humour when possible or appropriate

  • Ask if there are any questions at the end and answer them as best you can

  • Refer anything or any questions you are unsure of back to the teacher/staff present

  • Pace of the session is also important and keep an eye on the time


  • Focus heavily on negatives but do be open about things that are challenging

  • Forget the aims/purpose of the visit

  • Do or say anything that you are unsure of or uncomfortable with