Do you know what businesses there are in Wiltshire,
or even what industry sectors?

Why not check out our Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) to find out employment information, where people are working, industries, growth sectors, job sectors and more

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What’s in my local area?

Below are the new localised LMI (Labour Market Intelligence) documents. These new documents have been split into small local areas in Wiltshire and the surrounding area; as such they show you employment information in your area, as well as including links to interactive maps to search for a selection of local businesses.

Furthermore, they have been produced as infographs, so they can be used collectively or looked at in isolation; also we have also included definitions and comparison data. If you have any questions please watch the short video or email:


thumbnail of Wiltshire LMI

Areas within Wiltshire

thumbnail of Chippenham LMIthumbnail of Devizes LMIthumbnail of North Wiltshire LMIthumbnail of Salisbury LMIthumbnail of South West Wiltshire LMI

Surrounding Wiltshire


thumbnail of The Cotswolds LMIthumbnail of North Swindon LMIthumbnail of South Swindon LMIthumbnail of Wantage LMI


thumbnail of Newbury LMIthumbnail of North West Hampshire LMIthumbnail of Romsey and Southampton North LMI


thumbnail of North Dorset LMIthumbnail of New Forest West LMIthumbnail of New Forest East LMI


thumbnail of Thornbury and Yate LMIthumbnail of North East Somerset LMIthumbnail of Bath LMIthumbnail of Somerton and Frome LMI

Growth and Major Industry Sectors Across Swindon and Wiltshire

Below are seven Labour Market Intelligence documents explaining which industry sectors there are in your local area, what qualifications are preferable to work in that industry, relevant apprenticeships, how they recruit, example positions and salaries, future growth of the sector, Wiltshire employers and where you can study.


thumbnail of LMI Industry Sector Overview

Local Employment Sectors

thumbnail of Business and financial services 2017     thumbnail of Construction 2017     thumbnail of Digital and Creative Industries 2017

thumbnail of Environmental technologies 2017     thumbnail of Health and Life Sciences 2017     thumbnail of Manufacturing and Advanced Engineering 2017

Other Sectors you could work in

Are you unsure what there is out their for you? Do you know the pathways in and on on from your chosen career? Is there a subject you love but you don’t know what jobs there are related to it?

There is a huge variety of job sectors that you can go into, why not explore these by visiting Careerpilots website where they have broken these down by job sectors and subjects.

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Jobs by Job Sectors
Jobs by a subject