Local Employment Information

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Do you know what businesses there are in Wiltshire,
or even what industry sectors?

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Local employment information
The National Landscape
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Below are seven LMI (Labour Market Intelligence) documents explaining what industry sectors there are in your local area, what qualifications are preferable to work in that industry, relevant apprenticeships, how they recruit, example positions and salaries, future growth of the sector, Wiltshire employers and where you can study.


thumbnail of Overview 2017

Local Employment Sectors

thumbnail of Business and financial services 2017     thumbnail of Construction 2017     thumbnail of Digital and Creative Industries 2017

thumbnail of Environmental technologies 2017     thumbnail of Health and Life Sciences 2017     thumbnail of Manufacturing and Advanced Engineering 2017

The National Landscape

For more information about the National landscapes of the different job sectors, the UKCES has produced a series of LMI documents as part of the
Employer Skills Survey 2015.