Our Education, Employment & Skills Strategy for Wiltshire will enable us to take a holistic and prioritised approach towards the aim of integrating the Education, Employment & Skills agenda in Wiltshire.

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This strategy aims to identify a shared vision, strategic objectives and priority actions to help Wiltshire Council and its partners on the Education, Employment and Skills Board to create an environment that will:

  • Support schools, the Further Education (FE) sector, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and training providers to increase participation in education, training and employment
  • Support the development of a skilled and competitive workforce that meets the needs of employers both now and in the future
  • Drive business development and economic growth
  • Co-ordinate collaborative partnership working to achieve common goals
  • Provide synergy between emerging education and skills policies translating into practice.

This Strategy produced by Wiltshire Council on behalf of the Wiltshire Education, Employment & Skills Board, will guide the way in which key partners work together to respond to Wiltshire’s economic growth priorities whilst developing an inclusive economy that will provide equality of economic opportunity for all.

Through implementation of this strategy we aim to put employers at the heart of the employment and skills/education system in Wiltshire to drive growth in the Wiltshire economy and provide a structured and co-ordinated partnership approach to sustained engagement in education, training or work across all age and client groups.