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Our Top Tips
GCSE Results
A Level Results
Btecs and vocational qualifications

Our Top Tips

Plan how you are getting your results

Check with your school or College what time they will be open and when they will be closed. Try and take 5 minutes on your own to open your results and read through the information slowly. If you are unable to collect your results then you need to arrange to get them via email, talk to your school or college to check.

Confirm  your place straight away

Make sure to contact the college or training provider where you want to study to confirm your place.

Explore your options

Ask advice or do some research so you know what choices you have available.  You can find out what’s on offer on our Learn and Earn sections.

If your results are not what you were hoping for speak to a teacher or careers adviser at school for some advice. It is always worth getting in touch with where you have applied to and ask whether they would consider your grades.

Have you considered an Apprenticeship? Find out more below as there may be an Apprenticeship just right for you.

Be Proud of yourself

It has been a tough year and you have succeeded in getting this far with your education, so whether you received the grades you wanted or not you have still done well and can go on to do so much more.

GCSE Results Day

This year, GCSE results are out on Thursday 25th August 2022.

A Level Results Day

A-level results day is on Thursday 18th August 2022.

Btec and other vocational and technical qualifications

Many qualifications will be graded by your teachers, similarly to how the GCSE and A-level results are being decided.

With the pandemic causing disruption to education this year, the government has had to make alternative plans for students to complete their courses. Some vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) are changing.  Ofqual have created an explainer tool which will help you get more specific info on your course and qualifications.
You can find it here.


Who can you talk to if your results aren’t what you hoped?

  • Talk to your school, college or education setting first, they know you well and will be able to advise you of your best options.
  • Research the local offer, our website is a good place to start –
  • Contact the National Career
  • Student guide to awarding: summer 21 – A guide for students on how GCSEs, A levels, vocational and technical qualifications will be graded and award in summer 2021.
  • The Uni guide – advice with what to expect and do on results day.
  • The Student Room has lots of advice and information on results for all qualifications and has chat forums to help you.

If you are aged 16-17 and are finding it hard to stay in education or to find a place for September then please register for support with our Education, Employment Advisers.

Looking for an apprenticeship?

If you’re thinking about doing an apprenticeship after GCSEs or A Levels, you don’t need to wait for results before you start looking. You can register, research and even apply for some opportunities – look for those accepting predicted grades.

  • Register with the Apprenticeship Finder
  • Contact your local and ask about apprenticeships
  • Look through our apprenticeship and vacancy listing here.
Follow this link for more information on Apprenticeships