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Getting your results
GCSE Results
A Level Results
Btecs and vocational qualifications

Getting your results

Whether you are nervous or excited about getting your results it is a good idea to plan what you are going to do.

How are you getting your results?

  • Going to school – you should be able to collect your results from school or college in the morning, usually from around 10am. Try and take 5 minutes on your own to open your results and read through the information slowly.
  • Getting an email – you normally request this in advance to receive them via email, talk to your school or college to check.

What if your results aren’t what you hoped for, who can you talk to?

  • A teacher at school or at College should be able to help or a Careers Adviser if there is one available.
  • If not, then look at our support section to find out who else can help you.
  • It is always worth getting in touch with where you have applied to and ask whether they would consider your grades.
  • This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, formal, final exams have been abandoned in favour of a grade based on prior attainment. As a result, this may mean that you feel you could have achieved a better grade had you taken the exam, and may wish for the finalised grade to be reconsidered. If you do want to appeal against your result then you first need to contact your school or college.

Explore your options

  • You don’t have to wait: you can find out what’s on offer right now, go to our Learn and Earn sections to find out more.

GCSE Results Day

This year, GCSE results are out on Thursday 12 August 2021 in England and Wales. This is about 2 weeks earlier than normal.

Although formal GCSE exams have been cancelled in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, results will now be based on predicted grades that should be formalised by the end of July. Under a system devised by exams regulator Ofqual, schools will be able to use a combination of mock exams and coursework to decide what those grades will be.

A Level Results Day

A-level results day is on Tuesday 10 August. This is two weeks earlier than planned – the release of results had previously been scheduled for 24 August.

Bringing results day forward is intended to provide more time for students to appeal against any results that may have affected their university application.

Btec and other vocational and technical qualifications

Many qualifications will be graded by your teachers, similarly to how the GCSE and A-level results are being decided.

With the pandemic causing disruption to education this year, the government has had to make alternative plans for students to complete their courses. Some vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) are changing.  Ofqual have created an explainer tool which will help you get more specific info on your course and qualifications.
You can find it here.


Who can you talk to if your results aren’t what you hoped?

  • Talk to your school, college or education setting first, they know you well and will be able to advise you of your best options.
  • Research the local offer, our website is a good place to start –
  • Contact the National Career
  • Careermap – Useful resource with a results day guide.
  • The Uni guide – advice with what to expect and do on results day.
  • The Student Room has lots of advice and information on results for all qualifications and has chat forums to help you.

If you are aged 16-17 and are finding it hard to stay in education or to find a place for September then please register for support with our Education, Employment Advisers.

Looking for an apprenticeship?

If you’re thinking about doing an apprenticeship after GCSEs or A Levels, you don’t need to wait for results before you start looking. You can register, research and even apply for some opportunities – look for those accepting predicted grades.

  • Register with the Apprenticeship Finder
  • Contact your local and ask about apprenticeships
  • Look through our apprenticeship and vacancy listing here.
Follow this link for more information on Apprenticeships