By building and repairing bikes, we believe that this provides a vast range of opportunities for vulnerable people to get involved. By taking part in the scheme, clients can build confidence, learn practical and people skills, and build on their self-esteem. Cycling has proven to support young people with their mental health.

The humble bicycle can take people on this journey; giving them the forward momentum they need to keep their lives upright.

The course provides clients an opportunity to disassemble and re-build a used bicycle, learning basic bicycle mechanics along the way at a gentle pace and finishing with a polished and well-running bike that they can keep for themselves as well as 3 AQA certificates.

It lasts for four weeks, three hours per week in central Bath . The course is free and open to all. We are now accepting referrals for upcoming courses. We also can accommodate all women groups too.

You will be able to keep your bike at the end of course.


Contact details: Geraldine Roast


Telephone: 07534092557