Seeds4Success is a youth work charity based in Mere, which provides opportunities for personal and social development for young people living in South West Wiltshire. We enable young people to access programmes that develop practical skills, enhance education, improve employability, provide recreational activities, conserve the natural environment and strengthen the local community.

We offer a wide range of positive leisure time opportunities for young people throughout the week as well as targeted, 1 to 1 support to individuals who are at risk of becoming or who already are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). Through engagement in our projects young people develop social and practical skills, form positive friendships and relationships with trusted adults and their peers, gain confidence, self-esteem and achieve qualifications and awards.

As a rural charity we understand the challenges of transport, so we provide a minibus or support with travel to the majority of our projects, when requested in advance.

An incentive on the programme –

Leisure Credits (one of our Social Action projects), young people earn ‘credits’ based on their conduct during the day, which includes how hard they work, their involvement in teamwork and how they help others. Credits can be redeemed by young people in different ways. Some may choose to spend their credits on confidence building and social reward activities throughout the year, such as visits to the cinema, waterparks, go-karting, theme parks and team building adventure activity residential opportunities. Others may save their credits to help with the cost of other things, such as driving lessons or a CBT (motorbike test).


Contact details:

Tel: 07585 723824