Wiltshire College

Wiltshire College

Based in four main campuses, Trowbridge, Chippenham, Lackham and Salisbury the College offers a wide range of full-time, part-time and higher education courses (including apprenticeships) for students, as well as offering provision for employers. Open Doors study programme 16-yrs old or 19-25 with an EHCP is a bespoke programme to suit a learners needs and may include work experience, employability skills, social and personal development, English and maths qualifications, vocational tasters, independent living skills, travel training.

Website: www.wiltshire.ac.uk/

Contact details:

Tel: 01225 350035

Email: info@wiltshire.ac.uk

Open Doors Coordinators:

Trowbridge: Julia Wakefield (Tel: 01225 756 255)

Chippenham & Lackham: Ian Morris (Tel: 01225 766 241 ext. 6705)

Salisbury: Rhys Hughes (Tel: 01225 766 241 ext. 4369)

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