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Getting a job

This section is full of information on becoming work ready, what opportunities you could consider and links to local vacancies.

There is also lots of advice for jobseekers on the Job help website.

Whether it is a full-time role or a part time ‘Sunday’ job, getting a job can offer you so much. Here are some benefits from getting employed

  • Earn money – you can start becoming financially independent and have some extra cash
  • Starting your CV – the skills and experiences you learn from your first job can enhance your ability to find more opportunities in the future and can be evidenced on your CV
  • Develop your soft skills – these are skills you need to be able to demonstrate and are sought after by employers, they are skills based upon how you act and are transferable from one job to another.

There is also lots of advice for jobseekers on the Job help website.

There is also lots of advice for jobseekers on the Job help website.

What you can earn

You must be at least of school leaving age to get the minimum wage and the current rates are as follows:

For more information on the rates and who is entitled to them go to the website: who gets the minimum wage.

There is also lots of advice for jobseekers on the Job help website.

There is also lots of advice for jobseekers on the Job help website.

Your work options

Look at the below tabs to see why you need to make a decision

If you have a career sector or path in mind and want to start earning money as you learn, an apprenticeship could be for you. You’ll do a real job for a real employer; training on the job and working towards an industry-standard qualification.

An apprenticeship combines hands-on work with the opportunity to train and obtain qualifications.  Apprenticeships, which must last for a minimum of 12 months are open to anyone aged 16 and over who is not in full-time education, there is no upper aged limit!

As an apprentice you’ll be employed and will study for a qualification with the full support and commitment of your employer, at least 20% of your working hours are set aside for learning, often at a college, university or training provider, however there are lots of ways to undertake learning depending on your organisation and job role.

Visit the Work Wiltshire Apprenticeship page for more information.

Additional information on Apprenticeships can be found on the UCAS website and the Amazing Apprenticeships websites

People are encouraged to find and apply for apprentices using the Find and Apprenticeship Service

If you dream of setting up your own business then then check out our tips and links starting your own business.

Whether you’re on year ten work experience or you’ve arranged a placement independently, our top tips will help you to make a good impression. Placements are a great way to find out about different types of jobs and to identify your own preferences. They may help you to find your ideal career, or simply to decide what’s not for you. Whatever the case, there are a number of ways to ensure that you get the most you can from the experience.

Find out more on our Work Experience page.

Support for finding Employment

Kick Start

The Kick Start Scheme is a 6 month paid job with a local employer, funded by the Government. It provides a fully funded opportunity for you to get experience of working.

Jobs from the Kickstart Scheme will be open to people 16-24 years old, who are claiming Universal Credit, and are at risk of long term unemployment. If you have a work coach they will talk to you about the Kickstart Scheme and whether it’s right for you.

GradTalent Development Agency

Aimed at young people from the South West who have graduated in the last 3 years, the GradTalent Development Agency looks to place graduates in employment in the South West.

Graduates can find out more and register with the GDTA through their website Finding the right graduate job can be a challenge – GradTalent Development Agency

For a limited time, £150 is available for graduates securing a graduate job through GDTA. This is an employment starting fund that can be used towards costs such as transportation, work clothes or equipment.

Vacancy Bulletin

Designed to keep you in the know about opportunities for young people such as jobs, apprenticeships and traineeships.

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What employers want

Are you unsure about what you have to offer and what employers are looking for? Then check out the links below which give information about what employers want, qualifications and much more.

What Employers Want produced by the Learning and Work Institute provides information, advice and activities to support young people to get a job and progress at work, all material is based on feedback from employers about what they look for when recruiting a young person.

Link to what employers want

Work and Study by The Mix provides information about qualifications, university, work and careers for 16-25 year olds.

link to work and study

Latest local vacancies

Find out first about the latest job and apprenticeship vacancies in Wiltshire

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