Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week next week (4th – 8th March) we are sharing another apprenticeship success story from Wiltshire. If you enjoy reading this come back next week for a new case study everyday!

Ryan Jones, aged 18 who works at St Augustine’s Catholic College in Trowbridge, is undertaking a Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Physical Education and School Sport apprenticeship.

Can you tell us what you did before your apprenticeship? And what were your ambitions?

I attended Kingdown School in Warminster and left after Year 11. I knew from a young age I wanted to be a Primary School teacher, so I went onto Wiltshire College to study on a one-year childcare course. Nearing the end of the course I saw this apprenticeship vacancy. I didn’t think I would be successful as I’m not the sportiest person! But I wanted to keep my options open. I was pleased when I was offered the job, the feedback I received was that I showed I would be caring and show extra support to students who needed it.

What does your job involve and what are your future plans?

I help out a lot with the after school and lunchtime clubs for example Year 9 girls Rugby, Year 7 Football and a new club called ‘Footsole’. I had to do a lot of research for this which I found interesting and I am glad to be given more responsibility. I have also offered to work 1-1 with students who require extra support during their ‘reward’ time playing football.
Long term I am going to focus on my ambition to become a Primary School teacher. I have provisionally been offered a role at a Primary School in September as a Teaching Assistant, as long as I complete my functional skills English. From there I hope to continue my studies to get my degree then PGCE, there is potential I that I can do this via an apprenticeship too!

What are your final comments and advice you would give to anyone considering apprenticeships?

Although it is a lot of hard work it is worth it, I’ve found the experience amazing so far, four months in to it. Most importantly I have gained so much confidence and experience. My parents advised me to pick the right employer as being in the right environment can really benefit your outcomes. My advice is to not let others ruin what you have in mind, if I listened to my friends I wouldn’t be here now. Think of your long-term plans and stick to it.

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