People Management released an article on May 9th highlighting a survey which showed that higher trained staff are more likely to receive training.

Speaking to People Management, Lizzie Crowley, skills policy advisor at the CIPD, said the data confirmed that just a small proportion of employees in the UK participated in in-work learning opportunities.

The training rate is relatively low and the people who get trained are generally the more highly skilled and those in higher level occupations.

What’s quite surprising about these statistics is that the people who, in many cases, are receiving the lowest levels of training are actually the ones that accrue the greatest benefit from engaging in training.

Crowley added the research suggested there were different motivations for engaging in workplace training depending on career stage. Younger employees often trained to learn a new skill or attain a new job, while older and more senior workers were more likely to train to maintain their status.

The research suggests from an employer perspective that we need to really focus on providing opportunities for training among the mid-skilled and lower-skilled occupations, said Crowley.

In particular, the findings are quite shocking in terms of the proportion of training for those who have no qualifications.

To read the full article visit People Management website. 

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