People Management released an article on 30th October highlighting a Government proposal to ensure all employers would need to provide a reference, if even this was just basic, for ex-employees when requested.

New legislation could prevent employers from withholding references for former employees, in a move designed to protect individuals who have faced discrimination or harassment from being intimidated.

The government proposal, announced by business secretary Andrea Leadsom (pictured), would mean that for the first time employers would be obliged to provide at least a basic reference for any former employee. It forms part of the government’s response to a parliamentary inquiry into the use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in discrimination cases, and comes amid fears some businesses have scared victims of harassment into silence by threatening to withhold their references.

Leadsom said the proposals would “ensure individuals are protected, striking a fair balance between the interests of employers and workers”.

To read the full and original article visit People Management. 

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