An article written by FE news highlighted how a job for life does not exist anymore with young people choosing to change jobs more often.

A job for life is a thing of a past, a new survey has revealed, with the average millennial having already had as many jobs as those aged 55 have in their entire career.

A new poll has revealed those aged 25-34 have already had an average of six different roles so far.

But older adults approaching retirement have only had a total of seven jobs throughout their entire working life.

The research, conducted among 2,000 working adults, shows that while over-55s stay in the same role for more than seven years before moving on, young adults switch jobs after less than four years.

It also emerged 47 per cent of millennials have already completely changed careers since getting their first job in order to chase a better salary, improved work-life balance or for a new challenge.

Samantha Rutter, CEO at distance learning provider Open Study College, which commissioned the research, said:

For a long time now we have seen a gradual change within the job market, with people prepared to move around more, rather than settling down into a role that they intend to stay in for their working life.

But, it’s surprising to think millennials, who are still early on in their careers have already had around the same number of roles as those who are nearing the end of their working life.

There are many contributing factors, but we know thanks to the introduction of options including distance learning, it’s now much easier to take a step back and completely change careers if you feel your current one isn’t right for you.

As a result, younger people are able to make the life-changing decision to change their path even once their career is underway by retraining and entering another field altogether.

The study also found the average adult has applied for 23 jobs so far in their career, attending nine interviews.

And with the typical worker staying in the same role for around five-and-a-half years, this means they can currently expect to work in eight jobs before the age of 65.

Wanting more money is the most common reason for deciding to change jobs, followed by wanting better career progression and to work in a new location.

But others look for a new role in order to have a bigger challenge, something less stressful or for better training opportunities.

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