Owen Bartley, 21, is a Trainee Site Manager working at Midas Construction via the South West Shared Apprenticeship Scheme. Owen is studying a Level 3 Construction and the Built Environment course. He is just over a year into the 2-year course, we sat down to talk to him about his experiences so far.

How have you found the first year of your apprenticeship?

I found the process straightforward, I found the job online and had 1 interview with South West Shared Apprenticeship Scheme and then another with Midas. If Midas aren’t able to offer me a role after my apprenticeship then the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme will support me in doing so, they are my ‘host contract’ for the two years. That is the benefit of working in the construction sector on an apprenticeship, if there isn’t enough work on your site then you are supported and able to continue your course elsewhere.

I have learnt so much in one year for example when I first started I didn’t have any idea about the terminology being used and understanding the technical side of things. I have enjoyed meeting new people and being out of my comfort zone because I know on site I am getting lots of new experiences. Midas have also paid for me to do First Aid training and Site Management Safety Training.

What would you like to say to others considering an apprenticeship?

I think you need to be really opened minded and don’t listen to the negative views people share, I did think the pay would be worse, but it isn’t and Midas help with travel costs. Remember when you qualify your pay could as much as double! An apprenticeship gives you on the job experience whilst getting paid and the day at College gives you space to process everything you are learning. I am telling my friends about it all the time!

Lastly, what would you say your proudest moment is?

The handover of the building was a great moment, I saw the building from the beginnings through to completion, on time and no budget! I hope to continue to progress in my career and have more moments like this.

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