New legislation allowing more redundant apprentices to complete their apprenticeships came into force on Thursday 15 October.

Currently the Education and Skills Funding Agency continue to fund the apprentice to complete their programme if they are made redundant within six months of their final day of training. This allows apprentices that are close to the end of their apprenticeship to continue on programme while they look for another employer to complete their apprenticeship with, or, if they are unable to find one, allow them to complete their apprenticeship without an employer.

The amended legislation will help to support more redundant apprentices affected by Covid-19. The amended legislation will extend this support to also fund to completion all apprentices who are at least 75% of their way through their apprenticeship at the point of redundancy. This will give apprentices who have made a substantial and long-term investment in their apprenticeship the opportunity to complete their training and achieve occupational competence.

These changes will mean more redundant apprentices can complete their apprenticeship, putting them in a stronger position to secure new employment. The change applies to apprentices undertaking both standards and frameworks.

The Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices continues, providing free advice and guidance to apprentices affected by redundancy, as well as helping them to identify new apprenticeship opportunities available across the country.

More information can be found at Funding support for apprentices who have been made redundant

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