Are you a Careers Lead, Teacher, or School Governor in a Swindon or Wiltshire School? Do you need help in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks?

The Gloucestershire & Wiltshire Partnership (GWP) are pleased to be delivering the ASK Programme for academic year 2020/21 with a mix of remote and face to face awareness programmes on Apprenticeships, Traineeships and T-Levels.

All activities can be mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks and delivered to:

  • Pupils from Year 10 to Year 13
  • Parents
  • Teachers

The ASK Programme offers a bespoke advice service that is fully funded by the DfE so it is at no cost to your school, and includes the following range of activities:

  • Apprenticeship Presentations and awareness assemblies to include local vacancy trends and LMI
  • Registration and Application Workshops
  • Interactive Virtual Workshops
  • Mock Assessment Centre Workshops
  • Bespoke support for Years 11 and 13
  • Parents’ and Carers’ support
  • Careers Fairs
  • Teacher training & development
  • Free classroom resources
  • Apprenticeship Champions network
  • Vacancy Snapshot

The 2020/21 Academic Year Brochure provides more information on each activity and resource.

To get your school involved contact Mike Holliday by email or visit Amazing Apprenticeships to request support from the ASK Programme

Sessions are booking up fast, so don’t delay to ensure support for your school

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