Tim is in his 40`s and has not been in employment for several years after undergoing surgery on his back that did not go as planned. The surgery, unfortunately, left Tim unable to walk for several years, until he started undergoing treatment and therapy to help him walk again. He found out about Building Bridges after completing an online search himself, for an organisation locally that could help him back into employment.

Tim was allocated a Development Worker who first met him at his home address. As they started to build their relationship, Tim`s development worker helped him create a plan of what support he needed to enable him back into employment, at a pace that worked for him. Tim felt he was really listened to, and knew he was going to receive the help and support that he wanted.

They initially explored options to start carrying out some voluntary work locally. It wasn’t long before Tim started to feel ready to job search, through the support of his Development Worker and In-Work Support Officer.

Previously, Tim used to drive HGVs and decided that he wanted to return to driving HGVs if he could find a driving job that did not involve any physical lifting. To do this, he needed to complete a CPC test (Certificate of Professional Competence) as a driver. Building Bridges supported him to do this and provided the funding to complete this test – a funding request was submitted on his behalf to apply for the money to cover the cost of the course. The request was approved, and the course was paid for. Tim completed the course remotely from home and passed first time.

Shortly afterwards, Tim applied for two vacancies for jobs as an HGV driver. He found the perfect role! A full-time driving job that did not involve any specific loading or unloading of goods. Utilising our support, he prepared well for his interview and specifically, how to discuss his disability with the employer.

Tim was offered the position and three weeks later he started his job! In-Work Support was offered to him which he accepted. For several weeks, Tim was in regular contact with his In-Work Support Officer to discuss how the job was going and seek support where needed. The job was going well, so shortly afterwards, Tim was signed off the programme.

Take a look at the Building Bridges website and see if the programme is right for you – it was for Tim!

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