ASK SETH, which stands for Skills, Employment, Training and Help, is the UK’s first independent collection of online advice and support for a diverse range of people looking for work, and for professionals providing employability support to jobseekers.

With easy access to key facts, information, resources and contact details, this fast, free site incorporates an Employment Support Directory of specialist organisations and employability providers offering fully-funded support for jobseekers. Employability Voices provides a multitude of top tips from businesses and charities on retraining and finding work, with employability, skills and training experts providing bite-sized video content across a diverse range of subjects. While Employability Resources fine tunes job searching questions and gives specific help for those with additional needs.

Covering England, Wales and Scotland, support can be accessed via the searcher’s postcode, so information is bespoke to their area. The website can be accessed anywhere with wifi, including public libraries, job centres, education settings and youth hubs.

To find out more visit The Ask Seth website.

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