The Youth Voice Census captured data from 14 – 24 year olds across the UK earlier this year. Over 3,400 young people shared their views on a range of issues across education, work, job hunting, the impacts of COVID-19 and much more.

Key Findings 

Growing Mental Health Concerns

Anxiety, depression and mental health concerns were in the top 5 responses for young people in education, looking for work and in work when asked about their barriers.

The level of disruption for young people has been high, with 66.4% of those in education saying learning was disrupted ‘A Lot’ or ‘A Great Deal’; and 40.5% of those in work stating that their work had been disrupted ‘A Lot’ or ‘A Great Deal’.

Those looking for work were hardest hit with 56.2% of young people stating that coronavirus had impacted their mental health ‘A Lot’ or ‘A Great Deal’, and 42.1% of young people reported that their motivation to apply for opportunities had been impacted ‘A Lot’ or ‘A Great Deal.’

Accessing Quality Work

9.9% of young people are confident they will be able to find quality work where they live.
25.9% of young people think employers are supportive of hiring young people.

Catching Up

Whilst young people have remained adaptable they have missed out on key moments that help them establish who they are, where they are, what skills they have and what their next steps should be.

42.7% of young people in secondary school and 43% of those in college had access to a careers advisor.
Access to careers support has plummeted in university this year, with half of students not accessing any support.

No Space For Young People

81.9% of young people don’t think there are enough opportunities to share their views on important issues in their area.
27.3% of young people do not have a quiet place to do their school work; and 67% share their device with more than one other person.

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