The Foundry at UWE Bristol is offering FREE digital skills bootcamps in Games Technology to those aged 19+ who are unemployed or looking to upskill for work with interactive technologies in and beyond the games industry.

Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses giving successful applicants the opportunity to build up tech skills and fast-track them to an interview with an employer.
Developed by the Government as part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, they help people develop the skills that are in demand and get a better job.

The 16-week games technology bootcamps will give 30 national and 30 regional applicants an introduction to coding and software development before shifting to explicit games and interactive development. Each learner will have the opportunity to work towards a polished, engaging game or interactive experience and digital portfolio suitable for a range of sectors. Central to the experience is training in Unity; a game engine and real-time development platform with many applications both inside and outside the entertainment industry.

Sessions will be held online, and led by industry developers and senior academics with experience of working on published “AAA” and “indie” games as well as the lateral application of games technology to other sectors – such as mobile apps, Virtual Reality and Simulation.

The Foundry Digital Skills Bootcamps are open to all applicants provided they are aged 19 or over, are recently unemployed, self-employed, looking to move into a new job role, or coming out of furlough and seeking a pathway to a digital career. These bootcamps will help you define and refine a trajectory towards existing companies, but also how to set up a business if you plan to start out on your own or work as a freelancer.

Learners will engage with 16 weeks of flexible delivery, where attendance at online sessions is expected, but optional real world industry events will also be offered to supplement the learning experience (and streamed online where applicable), so It is possible to attend these courses remotely.
The bootcamps run for 16 weeks, starting in November 2021, featuring 12 hours per week of timetabled online activity and 18 hours a week of support sessions.

For more information on the regional and national Foundry Digital Bootcamps for Games, please see the following links:

South West Bootcamp: Commercial Games Development – Professional/Short Course – UWE Bristol: Courses
National Bootcamp: Games Technology – Professional/Short Course – UWE Bristol: Courses

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