We met Emily Rigg from Systemagic when she first started her apprenticeship journey, we recently caught up with her to hear her final thoughts now she is nearing the end of her course.

Emily Rigg, 22, is on a Level 3 IT Apprenticeship in an IT support role at Systemagic in Bradford-On-Avon who provide IT support for many small businesses in Wiltshire and Somerset.

Can you tell us about your experience of apprenticeships and your past jobs?

I left School after sitting my exams as I knew staying in an academic setting wasn’t for me I wanted to start working, so I started an apprenticeship within the NHS – I did a Business Administration apprenticeship within HR when I was 17 years old. Once I completed the course I moved departments to the recruitment team in the RUH Bath, I stayed in that role for 2 years. I found the job didn’t satisfy me and when I sat down and had a think I realised I was more interested in IT.

 Now you have experienced two different apprenticeships what do you find great about them?

I find it flexible for example my assessor comes in every few months to check up on me, but there is no fixed time I need to sit my exams, I can do them along the way or at the end. I can work at my own pace on this IT apprenticeship. As I am less than a year into the job I have been focusing on settling into the role and getting to know the company before starting my coursework, I started work on that at the end of last year.

I also think apprenticeships are great for building your skills on your CV and gaining work experience, working in an adult environment, especially when I was 17, made me grow up quickly.

What are your proudest moments so far?

Seeing a project from planning to the end and meeting new clients, I enjoy visiting them and getting to know more about their business on site. I am also pleased at how much I am picking up, I did question myself at the start looking at the course framework and wondering if I had taken on too much, but now I understand it and can answer questions without asking for support.

Emily – November 2021

I have developed my knowledge and confidence; I have taken on more clients some of which are harder and more complex. Working through various lockdowns has changed my way of working, I had to rely on other people less which made me realise I can do it. Looking back I would have done things slightly differently, I didn’t want to ask for help, it took time for things to click. 

I am really happy now, I have never loved a job more, it’s a happy workplace, I will be looking to give the educational side of things a break and enjoy the role now I’ve almost completed the course.

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