Cosmin Robinson, 23, is about to complete his Level 3 Paralegal apprenticeship at Aster. We found out more about his role and what his advice is to others.

What is your role at Aster?

I am a Trainee Land and Property Officer which means I deal with a variety of matters to essentially protect Aster’s assets and land. Examples include assisting with land sales, boundary disputes, freehold management enquires or licences. As well as easements and wayleave agreements.

What is your advice and stance on Apprenticeships?

I would look to do an Apprenticeship over University as you can gain practical experience, I have friends who did College or Apprenticeships that are in a better place than those who went to Uni and are working in Tesco and are now further behind in terms of their experience in the workplace. Either option is better than doing nothing, any education is beneficial even if you don’t realise it. I think being in a position where your working with more experienced people will affect you directly and indirectly, it has helped me to learn to communicate and how to conduct myself.

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